About Us
  • We were awarded the title ”BEST OF 2013” in Design, Build & Renovation by HomeStars
  • We have over 15 years of experience in construction
  • We have hundreds of reviews from our past happy and satisfied clients
  • We scored 10/10 in ALL of our reviews
  • We use professionals which are licensed in their trades and reputable suppliers
  • We provide your quote for the project right on the spot when we meet you
  • We have warranty and insurance
  • We supervise the project EVERY SINGLE DAY to the end
  • We respect our customers and are known for our professionalism towards them
Ramin's Biography:
Ramin is the founder of Regal Design + Build. Along with 15 years of solid experience in the fields of painting and decorating, he has studied interior design & decorating at Seneca College. In the long list of his impressive works he has finished some of the most extensive and detailed work on ultra-luxury homes in the GTA. With such experience there is nothing he doesn’t know about his field. He makes it a personal point to be there for all the jobs himself; he expects nothing less than excellence from the entire staff.
Ramin’s personal goal from the start was to build one of the healthiest and most professional companies, always giving positive energy to clients, all the while aiming for the highest end in luxury quality. He has worked with some of the biggest and most well-known builders & designers, and because of that, when it comes to designs ideas he’s seen an unimaginable amount of variety.
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Arash's Biography:
Arash is the co-owner of Regal Design + Build. He is Structural/Civil Engineer holding his Professional Engineering License (P.Eng.) since 2008. Hence, Arash as a professional engineer is legally licensed to practice engineering and to take responsibility for his work. His 15 years of experience working with great architects and designers as well as extensive education and being honored student at university, helped him to understand & satisfy clients’ needs by completing high capital projects within the initial scope effectively. Trust is the main key for Arash and he is striving to keep his promises as stated initially. His strength is quoting right on the spot accurately and his focus is to maximize the return in investments. Arash managed and implemented luxury custom homes with 5K plus sq ft (living area) & $1M plus capitals in a specific time as per initial plan. Designing and building beautiful homes in valuable properties of GTA by Arash, helped business grow to Retail Commercial Development very fast. 
His professional team is very knowledgeable to their respective trades and work very well together to their deadlines. Arash’s goal is to promote “Team Work” in construction environment in order to create a safer and friendlier workplace. Arash is specialized in marketing of his properties as he is aware of every single detail of the project while maintaining a high quality work to bring a peace of mind to the clients. 
Arash is one of the founders of Iranian Canadian Builders Association (ICBA) and is providing TARION New Home Warranty to clients since 2005. Receiving Project Management Professional (PMP) designation as a managing tool as well as Gold Certificate in construction is Arash’s objective for the year coming.
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Our Company:
Our company takes all our projects very seriously no matter the size, from a simple painting project to the ground up design and construction of a luxury mansion. Fresh Coat Painting will do it all the right way. Our recipe for customer satisfaction has always been to use the finest quality materials combined with painstaking effort put into every facet of our work along with providing any information our clients require. Our company is a mix of great ideas, and designs with solid experience in the field to back it up. We love to inspire clients with unique results; we aim to even impress ourselves, often combining both classic and modern designs to create unique transformations.
We like to think of ourselves as the new generation, the new high standard in the world of luxury design & building. We often get comments that such work is like art, and we strive to keep that level of satisfaction consistent and we assure that all of our projects are being built with conformity to the Ontario Building Code. Regal Design and Build's mission is to provide clients with a professional and joyful experience.
Our Clients:
We know everybody works hard to make a living and they deserve to get as much as possible from the money they spend. Therefore it is our policy to deliver 100% satisfaction to our clients. Often enough our clients are very knowledgeable or experts in the field which they wish to do a project, but our experience has shown that our clients don’t always have the time to do all the research they need, with that in mind we make sure to provide all the detailed information necessary for their projects to save them time.
Our Goal:
Seeing a smile on the face of our clients and hearing their comments make our day. Our main goal from beginning was to build healthy relationships with our clients to the point that they not only use our services, but also trust us enough to refer us to their friends and families without hesitation or concern, knowing that they will get the same professional work at the same high quality.
What Makes us different:
What makes us different is that we have experts in every field you could possibly require to get your project done at the highest quality. No matter what it is we have someone who is known for high end work in that category. We only get our work done using the best of the best.

Serving areas:

Toronto, Downtown Toronto, Forest Hill, Rosedale, Yorkville, Royal York, Beaches, North York, Mississauga, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Stoufville, Oakville
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